Southern Fried Diva Is Under Construction

Southern Fried Diva has her pink hard hat on and is pounding away at building her blog, but she may have to call for reinforcements.  Tall dark and handsome ones would do nicely.


8 thoughts on “Southern Fried Diva Is Under Construction

    • I know. Everyone is so talented. I think they’re true divas.
      Yes, I took the photo. It’s a pick of the appetizers for a Skinny Girl margarita party at my house. Huge fun.
      We should all follow eachother after this class. This is one of the most motivated groups I’ve hung out with in awhile.


  1. Great site, Pamela! Love the tone, humor, sass. And that stunningly delicious looking food photo makes me drool.


    PS – Thanks for your kind comment on my header. I’ve been away and trying really, really hard to catch up with this great class of ours (and all its very talented members).

    All the best, Irene


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